General Psychiatric Services

Avicenna Centre For Brain Health operates a general psychiatric practice. This service offers primarily initial psychiatric consultations and medication reviews. Services such as counselling, psychology or extended cognitive testing may be recommended to the patient. In this case, they can discuss their recommendations with a patient care coordinator who will outline potential options.

Our resident Patient Care Coordinators liaison between all disciplines involved to ensure proper utilisation of services and resources. They also coordinate all aspects of the care of individual patients. They work with patients, families, and other professionals to provide assistance with obtaining resources.

Adult Mental Health Clinic

The Adult Health Clinic provides psychiatric assessments for adults with mental health needs. This program includes a physician review, medication recommendations, and multidisciplinary input from allied health professionals. Please note, that the patient's primary care provider (e.g. Family Doctor) is responsible for their ongoing care after the patients initial consultation.

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Clinic

The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Clinic provides psychiatric services to youth and children up to the age of 17 who may be experiencing psychiatric symptoms such as psychosis, mood disorders, suicidal-ideation, behaviour issues, and/or anxiety. Our physician's provide consultation services to youth and adolescents and our trained team of Allied Health Professionals can provide specialized assessments, diagnosis, treatments, along with education and family support.

Older Adult Mental Health Clinic (65+)

This Older Adult Mental Health clinic provides services to Older Adults who may be experiencing depression, anxiety, memory problems, behaviour changes, and/or disturbed thoughts. Our trained team also provides specialized assessments, short / long-term treatment, and follow ups when necessary.

Feel free to contact us If you or a family member would like to access these services. A Health Navigator from our team can provide assistance with navigating private and public health resources.

Avicenna also has multilingual staff and the potential capacity to arrange for translators. For patients who require any such services, please contact us and we can work out an arrangement.

Developmental Disability

This comprehensive assessment aims to rule out dementia in learning disability populations including Down Syndrome. This is a consultation service provided by a psychiatrist with expertise in developmental disabilities.

Physician services are covered by MSP. For more information, please contact us for details.