Avicenna Memory Clinic

Avicenna Memory Clinic is a collective of interdisciplinary staff who supports patients, families and their caregivers. It provides assessment, treatment, care planning and health navigation to patients and their families.

A cognitively healthy brain is quite possibly the most essential organ in our bodies. It governs and regulates all of our actions and thoughts, helps us experience a wide range of senses, and forms our emotions and memories. In other words, our brains allow us to be fully human — it is vital that we look after it.

Here at Avicenna Centre for Brain Health, we offer a Comprehensive Brain Health Assessment, prevention and an individualized treatment program for brain health which operate as follows.

Comprehensive Memory Assessment

Cognitive health is assessed at Avicenna Centre for Brain Health through the completion of several computerized tests, information gathering appointments by our clinicians and functional assessments done by our expert Occupational Therapist along with Physician input.

If a patient would like to go through Comprehensive Brain Health Assessment at Avicenna Centre for Brain Health, they will take the following steps.

1.An appointment will be booked with a Clinician (Registered Nurse/Social Worker) who is specialized in geriatric healthcare and memory loss. The Clinician will take comprehensive patients’ history and talk to any family members or loved ones to assess the patient’s condition.

2. Our clinician will arrange blood work prior to your appointment with the physician. They will collaborate with your family physician and review your health authority data to have complete picture.

3. An appointment will be booked by a highly trained Occupational Therapist. Here the Occupational Therapist will conduct extended cognitive testing and functional assessment to measure cognitive and functional ability.

4. An appointment with a Physiotherapist will be booked in which baseline mobility and risk of falls will be assessed. Alongside this, the Physiotherapist may recommend extra interventions based on the patient’s assessed profile.

5. An appointment with our Geriatric Psychiatrist on site will also be arranged to confirm review patient history and confirm any diagnoses presented by the allied health staff throughout the other assessment phases. The Geriatric Psychiatrist will also present psychiatric medication plans, treatment options and elaborate on the care planning discussed by the clinician earlier on in the assessment. Short term follow-up appointments by the physician may also be provided to check in on patient’s treatment status along their journey. The physician may also request a brain scan if necessary.

6. A comprehensive assessment will be arranged with a Family Physician with expertise in elder care will be arranged to review the medical status and risk factors pertaining to the patient. The physician will provide further input into patient’s medication plans and treatment options for their healthcare needs.

7. Lastly, a meeting with a Health Navigator will be scheduled to discuss the results of all tests. Here, an intervention plan will be presented to the patient and any family members/loved ones. Health Care Navigation will be provided at this appointment to discuss private and public options available to the patient to secure their treatment. A unique patient specific care plan involving all health disciplines will be made for the patient at this appointment. This will help the patient have a smoother process of receiving the therapies they require.

8. Some services patients may engage in after the assessment are but not limited to psychology services, counselling, dietician services, continued physiotherapy services and more.

For costs and fees associated with this assessment please click here or refer to our Fees & Payments tab. The physician portions of this assessment are covered under your MSP plan. The assessment fees are used to cover allied health services and other costs involved in offering the assessment.