Personalized Medicine for Brain Health 

Easy DNA Testing with the Genecept Assay

Genecept is available in BC at Avicenna Brain Health Clinic, in collaboration with Dynacare Labs.

The Genecept Assay is a test that looks at your genetic make-up. The results will help your clinician determine what treatment will work best for your body - which drugs you are most likely to respond favourably to and what treatment protocols would have the most likelihood of being the most successful.

What is Genecept Assay?

Genecept Assay is a service that we recommend all mental health patients should utilize. Essentially, the test analyzes a patient’s genealogy to determine what medication plans are appropriate for you individually. This is revolutionary as everybody is different and a lot of patients do not respond best to the first medication they are prescribed after consulting their Psychiatrist.

Get the perfect care you need fast by booking a Genecept Assay test at Avicenna.

For more information, you can contact us and for costs involved please refer to our Fee Schedule.

More information on this service may be found in Dynacare’s brochure found at the bottom of our page.

Reduce the time to find the right treatment.


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