Fees & Payments

Here is the complete list of all our private pay services and the fees involved with them.

Service Fee
Counselling Services $120/Hour
Low-Cost Counselling Services $65/Hour
Psychology Services $250/Hour
Physiotherapy $120/Session
Behaviours Analysis Session $125/Hour
Dietician (Initial Consultation) $150
Dietician Follow-Up (45 minutes) $120
Dietician Follow-Up (30 minutes) $90
Memory Health Assessment $1225
Extended Cognitive Assessment $250
Adult ADHD Assessment $1850
Child ADHD Assesment $1050
Cambridge Brain Science Test $150
Genecept Assay $580

Direct Insurance Billing

Most of these services support partial or complete coverage for patients who have extended insurance plans. 

Currently Avicenna Centre for Brain Health offers direct billing on Psychology Services from the following providers.


We are also in the process of incorporating direct billing on Psychology Services for Pacific Blue Cross insurance holders.

Any other Allied Health Services e.g., Counselling, Occupational Therapy, etc. can be claimed by the patient to their extended health benefits provider directly.

Financial Hardships

We encourage patient’s experiencing financial hardships to contact us directly. Our Healthcare Navigator will do their best to either direct you towards more affordable service options or create alternative care options at Avicenna Centre For Brain Health.

Financial Assistance available through iFinance Canada