ADHD Clinic

Avicenna Centre for Brain Health operates two unique ADHD clinics in British Columbia. One is the Adult ADHD Clinic which accommodates populations over the age of 18. Avicenna also runs a Child & Adolescent ADHD clinic targeted at youth age of 8 to 17 years. The ADHD Clinics are multidisciplinary and led by Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and Avicenna Clinicians.

Child & Adolescent ADHD Clinic 

What is Child ADHD?

ADHD is a neuro-developmental disorder where children may maintain attention difficulties, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Their difficulties are generally evident in multiple settings such as at home and at school. The child’s difficulty also must be significant enough to interfere with their lives either academically or socially in order for them to obtain an ADHD diagnoses. Under most circumstances, we only see school-aged children and offer them a diagnosis after the age of six.

ADHD may manifest in various forms such as concentration and organization issues. Many of the behaviours commonly associated with ADHD can also be explained by other factors such as early life experiences, poor sleep and a range of other developmental conditions. Part of the assessment process involves evaluating how much of a role if any these other factors play. If learning disorders are present, it is recommended to seek further psychological testing.

How is Child & Adolescent ADHD assessed at Avicenna?

ADHD is diagnosed via the assessment and review of behaviour both at home and at school. It is not diagnosed with blood tests or brain scans. The main source of information for our clinicians will be the child’s school and his or her parents. Our ADHD Clinician will gather information using specific questionnaires.

For more information regarding the steps taken during our assessment please contact us. Please contact the ADHD team If for any reason the patient is unable to keep their clinical appointment and request a re-schedule. 

Also note that it is a parent’s/carer’s responsibility to provide up to date contact details and notify our team of any changes. This is to ensure that we can contact you for appointments and avoid having to discharge the child or adolescent from our service.

Adult ADHD Clinic

Avicenna Centre For Brain Health offers a comprehensive Adult ADHD Assessment service. The procedure requires up to 4 hours on site at the clinic. Initially, patients meet the psychology team who then work alongside the patient to complete a full psychological and medical assessment covering various cognitive domains and functional challenges.

The ADHD assessment utilizes medical and psychological tools that are used to identify any potential ADHD symptoms and functional challenges.

Our ADHD Psychologist at Avicenna Centre for Brain Health will schedule a session with you after analyzing all your test results, generate a report and provide you with feedback.

A separate appointment with the Psychiatrist will then be scheduled to provide a medication consultation for ADHD treatment  to the referring physician. If patient do not have the ADHD diagnosis the psychiatrist appointment will still be an available option to explore symptoms that are not explained by ADHD. Any forms that may need to be filled for things such as benefit applications, academic concessions or anything else can also be discussed with the psychiatrist at this session.

ADHD Clinic Fees

Please note that the psychiatric consultation in your assessment is covered by MSP. However, the psychological assessment is a private pay service which is billed directly to the patient.

Fees for Adult ADHD Assessment and Child & Adolescent ADHD Assessment can be found in our fees schedule.

Please connect with our clinic directly to receive an ADHD assessment from our team. Our ADHD Clinic Coordinator will contact you to help you navigate the process and address any queries or concerns you may have.